QuaTwits™ (Poetic Tweets)

Submissions are welcome. Each tweet should have 140 or fewer characters including spaces and punctuation, a western or cowboy theme, consistent metric pattern by syllable line count such as 8-6-8-6, and true rhymes such as love/dove. Multiple submissions are encouraged. Poems published on the site will also be considered for inclusion in a proposed chapbook.

QuaTwit headers list: Author — Copyright — Number of Characters. QuaTwit™ is a trademark for this poetic style.

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Larry Bradfield -– ©2014 -– 125
He drove his herd to Abilene
They said how many do you have
He said I’ve just got thirteen left
But one of them’s about to calve

Larry Bradfield –- ©2014 -– 110
Bart was an oldtime gunslinger,
One that you never saw.
Lightnin’ fast on the trigger,but
Awful slow on the draw.

Larry Bradfield — ©2014 — 120
I’m goin’ back to cowboy ways
What difference can it make
I shaved and took a bath last month
She still left town with Jake

Larry Bradfield — ©2014 — 122
Just mark me well young buckaroo –
Take care of hearth an’ log
Or she will leave you an’ she’ll take
Your pickup an’ your dog

Larry Bradfield — ©2014 — 118
Winter’s here now on the llano
The year is at its end
The world has turned its last for me..
Where did you go, my friend?

Larry Bradfield — ©2014 — 114
He was struttin’ a high priced roan.
Came for poker with us
Sent him back broke and all alone
Ridin’ a Greyhound bus

Larry Bradfield — ©2014 — 121
Jake sat down in the water trough
To cool his burnin’ hide
His hoss got spooked and throwed him off..
Cactus in his backside

Larry Bradfield — ©2014 — 112
Pete rode in from Coahuila
Stopped at the Wander Inn
Drank a quart of raw tequila
And ain’t been seen since then

Jimmy Coleman -– ©2015 — 111
I had a horse name Lightening
And this here is no yarn.
Before I could saddle him up
He was miles from my barn.

Clark Crouch — ©2014 — 118
Sam, a backward cowboy poet,
is challenged by a curse
’cause ev’ry poem that he writes
turns out to be inverse.

Clark Crouch — ©2014 — 95
Way down south in Dallas
was a wond’rous lassie
who attracted the guys
by wigglin’ her chassis.

Clark Crouch — ©2014 — 118
Cookie made some Twitter chili
for cowboys in the group…
just one hundred and forty beans
were in each bowl of soup.

Neal Dachstadter — ©2015 — 119
Powder sky and crusty trail,
Cow and guy and dusty gale,
Night of clear and gleam of star,
Naught of fear and dreams afar.

William Woodward Davis — ©2015 — 135
Before the sun is risin’
And the fields glisten with dew,
There’s servicin’ of the combine to do.
Then to the wheatfield we go harvestin’.

Tom Swearingen — ©2014 — 128
An old cowboy named Snider
They say was a good rider
He heard lots of cheers
In his youthful years
Now he just rides a glider

Tom Swearingen — ©2014 — 118
A horse is only worried ’bout
One thing. No make that two
Them things it comes across don’t move
And other things that do

Tom Swearingen — ©2014 — 135
There’s a reason that our land is green
And our rivers don’t run dry
Oregon rain falls through much the year
And refreshes our supply

Tom Swearingen — ©2014 — 102
Catching my horse most times
Is pretty easy done
Except for when it isn’t
And she decides to cut and run

Tom Swearingen — ©2014 — 124
A horse’s way of handlin’ fear
Might be to bolt or buck or rear
Or even something more severe
Until it knows the coast is clear

Tom Swearingen — ©2014 — 87
I am here to tell you
The West will never die
It will live forever
In folks like you and I

Tom Swearingen — ©2014 — 113
When I’m gone I hope you bake me
‘Til my bones are good and dry
Put my ash up in the saddle
And then let my pony fly