Recent Publications

A Cowboy Poet’s Cowboy Riddle by Don Weaver is an epic poem, a unique and challenging poetic journey of discovery through the Great American West. And a bonus: cryptic clues to solve a series of puzzles which reveal the titles of 175 western and cowboy programs which have been aired over the past 65 years.

The hereo, Jim Thaxton, runs away from home to escape the unbearable life on his stepfather’s Texas ranch near the Mexican border. The poem traces his life and adventures throughout the west until, in maturity and with a family of his own, he is reconnected with his past.

The poetic content is well-researched and presented in the traditional poetic form originated by American cowboys a hundred and fifty years ago. It is truely a unique experience; entertaining, informative, and well presented.

10PoeticImagesPoetic Images: the Great American West is an anthology, a companion volume to Western Viewpoints, is our third eclectic collection of western and cowboy poetry. Seventeen contemporary poets provide ninety-three poems — poetic images of our Great American West.

Each poet has his or her own interests and style and, together, their work captures a holistic view of life in the west of yesterday and today. Presented in traditional form, the poems depict the west through verses which have, with few exceptions, consistent poetic meter and true rhymes as used by yesterday’s cowboys. The poets featured are: Larry Bradfield, Jimmy Coleman, Cody Craddock, Clark Crouch, Neal Dachstadter, Nick David, Steve Dickson, Mark Jones, Harold Losey, Susan Matley, Deb Meyer, David Michelinie, Debbie Raney, Melissa Watkins Starr, Tom Swearingen, J. Wesley Taylor Sr., and Don Weaver.

Prairie Knights: western and cowboy poetry by Clark Crouch is now available in paperback and Kindle formats. The poet, his viewpoints and biases, and even his poems were shaped by his life in the Sandhills of Nebraska during the Great Depression. The name, Prairie Knights, recognizes the work and dedication of those who tamed and shaped the Great American West. They were a diverse body of adventurers, pioneers, ranchers, and cowboys who addressed and conquered the many challenges of the western scene. They were white, black, and brown knights who rode against the dragons of their time.

Western Viewpoints: an anthology of western and cowboy poetry contains poems which are for the most part in traditional form, a virtual open mic in print, depicting viewpoints of the Great American West authored by sixteen contemporary western and cowboy poets. Each has his or her own interests and style and together they offer a broad view of the American West of yesterday and today.

The authors are Larry Bradfield, Clark Crouch, Neal Dachstadter, Steve Dickson, Stephen Foster, Delia J. Fry, Del Gustafson, Lynn Kopelke, Harold Losey, Charli Love, Susan Matley, Debra Meyer, LTC Roy E. Peterson, Tom Swearingen, J. Wesley Taylor, Sr., and Don Weaver.

Poetic Reflections At The Creekside is an anthology of poems featuring 121 poems written by thirty poets — eight talented residents of The Creekside (a Merrill Gardens Retirement Community in Woodinville, Washington) and twenty-two Northwest poets of distinction who have read their poems at The Creekside. Thirteen of the poems are western/cowboy verses and the others are of the modern poetic genre.

The poets featured are: Peggy Barnett, Lil Buck, Terry Busch, Dennis Caswell, Glenna Cook, Virginia Cook, Mary Eliza Crane, Larry Crist, Clark Crouch, Dorothy Dean, J. Glenn Evans, Kathleen Flenniken, William Scott Galasso, Amanda Rachelle Geers, Donald R. Green, Del Gustafson, Nan Harty, David D. Horowitz, Jane Boren Kaake, Lynn Kopelke, Herbert C. McClees, Denise Calvetti Michaels, Keith Moul, Jean Redmond, Cathy Ross, Leonard D. Seader, Megan Sekreta, Linda Thompson, Paul Victor, and Griffith H. Williams.