Tools for Cowboy Poets

Both experienced cowboy poets and rising stars in the genre might find this listing of web resources to be helpful. The primary emphasis is on traditional western and cowboy poetry. However, the first several items are general poetic references which explore some of the basics of both traditional and modern poetry. Suggestions for additions to the listing are invited.

Poetic Forms and Techniques from the American Academy of Poets.
RhymeDesk. A web site which provides an accurate syllable count, rhyming words (both perfect and near rhymes), synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and a thesaurus. Data can be arranged by alphabet, syllable, and popularity depending on your need.
Poet’s Paradise. A collection of resources for poets.
Poetry Resources. Another online collection of poetry resources.
Cowboy Poetry. An introduction to, and history of, cowboy poetry. It’s an excellent summation.
Badger Clark. Digital version of Sun and Saddle Leather by Charles Badger Clark, the classic cowboy poet. May be downloaded in various digital formats or read online. It’s entertaining as well as being an excellent representation of classic cowboy poetry.
How to Write Cowboy Poetry. A detailed discussion of how to write traditional cowboy poetry. Of special interest are the sections on rhythm patterns and correct rhymes.
Basic Cowboy Poetry Writing. A great page about the basics of writing traditional cowboy poetry with emphasis on rhyme, meter, and rhythm.
Cowboy Poetry Themes. A very brief article with emphasis on western and cowboy themes.
Verse Perfect Software. A free poetry-writing software which shows the rhyming pattern for various poetic forms, suggests rhymes as you type a word, and automatically counts syllables. For Windows only. It’s a priceless tool…no pun intended.
Rhyme Zone. When you’re at a loss for a rhyming word, an antonym, a synonym, a definition, or a syllable count this is the link to click.