About Western Poetry

About Western Poetry Publications
… an imprint of The Resource Network …

The Resource Network (TRN) is an independent nonprofit small press specializing in the publication of western and cowboy poetry (under the imprint of Western Poetry Publications) and modern poetry (under the imprint of Creekside Poetry Publications). TRN was incorporated as a nonprofit educational organization in the State of Washington in 1981 and has, in recent years, devoted it’s primary effort to the publication of works which emphasize remembering, preserving, sharing, and celebrating our great western and cowboy heritage and the traditions which that heritage embodies.

The press achieved international recognition in 2008, and 2010, when Western Poetry Publications received Will Rogers Medallion Awards in “recognition of outstanding achievement in the publishing of Cowboy Poetry” for Western Images and Views from the Saddle. Both books were authored by Clark Crouch who was recognized for “having met the highest criteria for artistic merit, quality presentation, and universal appeal.” Several books have also been finalists in annual competitions (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013) sponsored by the Western Music Association.

Outreach and the encouraging of new poets began in 2009 with the publication of Eight Viewpoints: western poetry containing poems by eight contemporary western poets. That outreach continued with the publication of A Cowboy Poet’s Cowboy Riddle by Don Weaver and several anthologies: Poetic Reflections At The Creekside, Western Viewpoints, and Poetic Images.

Contributing toward the literary recognition of TRN publications in the past was Laura Shreck, a photographer and artist of Colorado, who provided exceptional cover photographs for seven volumes of poetry. Laura passed away in 2013, a victim of cancer at the young age of twenty-six.

Current publications include seventeen volumes of poetry. Information and previews for most are available at Amazon Books in paperback and Kindle formats.

Western and cowboy poetry publications issued to date under the imprint of Western Poetry Publications are listed below (most recent first). Unless otherwise indicated in the notes which follow, all publications were authored/edited by Clark Crouch.

  • A Cowboy Poet’s Cowboy Riddle
  • Poetic Images: the Great American West (17 poet anthology)
  • Ridin’ & Writin’ (Vol. 2)
  • Ridin’ & Writin’ (Vol. 1)
  • Prairie Knights: western & cowboy poetry
  • Western Viewpoints: western poetry (16 poet anthology)
  • Thirty: poems from The Country Register
  • Harkin’ Home: cowboy poetry & western tales
  • Eight Viewpoints: western poetry (8 poet anthology)
  • Views from the Saddle: original western & cowboy poetry
  • Western Images: western & cowboy poetry
  • Sun, Sand & Soapweed: western & cowboy poetry
  • Where Horses Reign: western poetry

Publications issued directly by The Resource Network or under other imprints are:

  • Top Dog: a managerial satire
  • Poetic Reflections at the Creekside (30 poet anthology)
  • Rustic Ruminations: the collected primal free verse of Clark Crouch
  • Reflections: a second poetic journal of life, attitude, and remembrance
  • Voices of the Wind: a poetic journal of life, attitude, and remembrance

All of the books are printed on demand and are distributed internationally by the Ingram Content Group and are available through internet and local booksellers as well as some which are available instantly through Espresso Book Machines strategically located throughout the world.

TRN was founded in Richland, Washington in 1981, was relocated to Bothell, Washington in 2007, and finally to its present location in Woodinville, Washington in 2010. Through a unique nonprofit volunteer business model directly involving the authors, TRN has no income, no employees, and no expenses.


  • A Cowboy Poet’s Cowboy Riddle. An epic poem and cryptic riddles by Don Weaver.
  • Ridin’ & Writin’ (Vol. 2). Contains the entire contents of award-winning books: Western Images and Views from the Saddle.
  • Ridin’ & Writing (Vol. 1). Contains the entire contents of early books: Where Horses Reign and Sun, Sand & Soapweed.
  • Views from the Saddle. Foreword by Richard W. Slatta, PhD, history professor, North Carolina State University.
  • Harkin’ Home. Foreword by Brian Crane, creator of the Pickles comic strip.
  • Rustic Ruminations. Contains the entire free form poetic contents of early books, Voices of the Wind and Reflections.