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The site is dedicated to those who are committed to remembering, preserving, sharing, and celebrating our western and cowboy heritage and the traditions which that heritage embodies.

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Our goal is to provide education, mentoring, resources, and support for western and cowboy poets. Over the years, we have mentored more than twenty beginning poets and have published four anthologies containing the work of more than fifty modern and traditional poets. The books are distributed internationally by Ingram Book Distributors and are available through local and internet booksellers throughout the world.

Our parent, The Resource Network, is a nonprofit educational corporation incorporated in Washington State in 1981. It has a unique business plan and has no income, expenses, or properties. Although registered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Washington, we are not registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization and donations, while welcome, are not tax deductible.

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