Welcome to Western Poetry


This site is dedicated to those who are committed to remembering, preserving, sharing, and celebrating our western and cowboy heritage and the traditions which that heritage embodies.

Posts on the site will provide brief descriptions of publications issued by The Resource Network, a nonprofit educational corporation incorporated in Washington State in 1981. Publications generally appear under the imprint of Western Poetry Publications.

The books we publish are distributed internationally by Ingram Book Distributors and are available through local and internet booksellers throughout the world.

Western and cowboy poetry publications issued to date under the imprint of Western Poetry Publications are (most recent first):

Poetic Images: the Great American West (17 poet anthology)
Ridin’ & Writin’ (Vol. 2): poems by a poet lariat
Ridin’ & Writin’ (Vol. 1): poems by a poet lariat

Prairie Knights: western & cowboy poetry
Western Viewpoints: western poetry
(16 poet anthology)
Thirty: poems from The Country Register
Harkin’ Home: cowboy poetry & western tales
Eight Viewpoints
(8 poet anthology)
Views from the Saddle: original western & cowboy poetry
Western Images: western & cowboy poetry
Sun, Sand & Soapweed: western & cowboy poetry
Where Horses Reign: western poetry

Publications issued directly by The Resource Network or under other imprints are:

Top Dog: a managerial satire
Poetic Reflections at the Creekside
(30 poet anthology)
Rustic Ruminations:the collected primal free verse of Clark Crouch
Reflections: a second poetic journal of life, attitude, and remembrance
Voices of the Wind: a poetic journal of life, attitude, and remembrance